Dogs Trust

Not Just A Pretty Face

In a bid to highlight how important it is to choose a dog based on their personality traits and their compatibility with your lifestyle, rather than the way they look, we are removing all photographs of the dogs in our care from our website this Valentine's Day. We want to encourage people to look at our dogs’ characters and needs, instead of choosing them based on what they look like, to remind people that a dog is #NotJustAPrettyFace. There will also be a match-making booth in our Rehoming Centre in Finglas where members of the public can describe their perfect dog so our team can help them find their perfect match!

Speaking about the decision, Head of Operations, Dogs Trust, Catriona Birt said: "Dogs have so much personality and as every dog is unique, we really want potential adopters to think about the dog that will fit into their home and lifestyle, rather than choosing a dog based solely on his or her appearance. We have some fabulous characters in our care who people are really missing out on. They have that all important matchmaking profile of a great sense of humour and a fun loving nature and are regularly over-looked because they are not considered conventionally ‘cute’! Personality is so important when choosing a dog, who will share your home with you for many happy years to come!"

Members of the public often have preconceived ideas about certain breeds and sizes of dogs and can miss out on their perfect dog! Somebody who loves big dogs may completely overlook at little Jack Russell Terrier who could be ideal for them and equally somebody who loves little, fluffy dogs could be missing out on the world’s most amazing Staffordshire Bull Terrier!

Amber, an 8 year old Pit Bull who appeared in ‘Dog Tales with Andrea Hayes’, featured in a Hudson Taylor’s music video, appeared in national newspapers and was highlighted by the charity’s #TheUnderDogs campaign last year, is still waiting for her forever home! She is a fantastic, loving dog who will bowl you over with love and affection. We cannot understand why Amber has not yet found a home and can only assume it’s because of her appearance. Amber is not a conventional looking Pit Bull so it might be the case that she doesn’t appeal to lovers of her breed. With her adorable nature, we are very hopeful that this will be Amber’s last Valentine’s Day spent looking for love.

If you are looking for unconditional adoration, loyalty and someone who will always be there for you, look no further than the 144 rescue dogs at Dogs Trust who are all longing to be loved!

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