Dogs Trust

Microchipping is now the Law!

The compulsory microchipping programme will be rolled out on a phased basis, beginning with newly born pups from September 2015 and will be extended to all dogs from March 2016.

Welcoming the Government’s announcement, Dogs Trust Executive Director, Mark Beazley,  said:

“Today marks a breakthrough for dog welfare in Ireland. To show our support Dogs Trust has financially assisted in the microchipping of over 5,500 dogs around Ireland to date and we will continue to offer subsided microchippng nationwide. The compulsory permanent identification of all dogs means that more dogs found, lost or straying can be returned to their owners and in a timelier manner. We believe compulsory microchipping will help reduce the burden on animal welfare charities such as Dogs Trust and reduce the cost to local authorities of kennelling stray dogs. The reality is that no matter how responsible an owner you are there is a chance your dog could get lost or stolen – microchipping is the most effective way to assist in a lost dog being returned to their owner.  Whether it’s an abandoned stray or much loved family pet, there is no such thing as hierarchy in dog pounds”.

Dogs Trust also urges dog owners to check the details on the microchip are current and correct, for example if your dog has changed ownership or you have moved address please ensure you have contacted your microchip database. Your vet should be able to give you a hand with this if you need some help. 

Dogs Trust has long campaigned for improvements to Ireland’s antiquated legislation in this area and we welcome Minister Coveney’s progressive and proactive commitment to animal welfare.  

Stay tuned to our website for announcements of microchipping events in your area!

If you would like more information on microchipping, please click here.