Dogs Trust

Long-Term Lodger, Navy finds home during lockdown!

We are delighted to announce that one of our most beloved residents, Navy the Akita, has found the perfect family after spending 1,451 days in our care.

In May of 2016, Navy arrived to our Rehoming Centre in Finglas. Although we knew nothing about Navy’s past, due to his worried nature, it was clear he hadn’t had the best start in life. At an estimated three-years-old, Navy already had some trust issues and the world was a very scary place to him.

Navy slowly built up a bond with his Canine Carers and gradually learned that being around people was fun and enjoyable! He learned to ‘sit’, wear a harness and walk calmly on a lead. Before long, Navy’s funny personality and lovable character started to shine through his worried ways.

Eimear Cassidy, Assistant Operations Manager said: "Navy quickly became a firm favourite of many of the team in Dogs Trust. He earned the title of Funniest Dog in the centre and would make his Carers laugh with his antics every time he was taken out for a walk. He would do major ‘zoomies’, try to giddily fit into little places way too small for him, and pick out toys from the donation bins, with his favourites being anything small and squeaky. If any of the team were ever in need of cheering up, Navy was the dog that would be guaranteed to lift put a very big grin on your face!"

Navy’s progress continued but he still struggled when meeting new people, it took time and multiple meetings for him to be comfortable. Weeks turned into months and Navy patiently waited for his perfect ‘paw’rent to walk through the door. Finally, in February of this year, that day came. Sinead and Robbie arrived to our Rehoming Centre and, even though they knew it would take a while, made up their minds that they would do whatever it took to make Navy part of their family.

The couple went at Navy’s pace and after multiple meetings, he was ready for his first sleepover. Navy was the perfect house guest that night and everyone was excited to get him back into our Rehoming Centre to finalise his adoption. But, right before Navy was due to be collected, lockdown was announced and because everything had gone so well the night before, it was decided that Navy would stay with Sinead and Robbie. It was as if it was meant to be and Navy’s luck had finally changed thanks to lockdown.

Since that day, Navy’s new 'paw'rents have worked tirelessly with him to make sure he's happy and comfortable in their home. Their commitment, determination and loving bond with Navy has transformed his life, and he is now a very happy, and much-loved part of the family. They go on long walks, sunbathe in the park and lounge on the couch. For Navy's birthday, they even threw him his very own party which included new toys, birthday banners and they even baked him doggy cupcakes! He's finally living the sweet life he deserves, and it wouldn't have been possible without the patience, love and care Sinead and Robbie extended to him.