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Dogs Trust Ireland offers advice on how to avoid vet visits this Easter

With Easter fast approaching, we are urging dog owners to keep all chocolate safely out of the reach of their canine companions. Given the increase in the popularity of dogs over the past year, we want to highlight how toxic chocolate, meant for human consumption, is for our four-legged friends.

We are keen to make owners aware of the signs of chocolate toxicity in a dog, after research* conducted by PJM Noble revealed that vets are twice as likely to see dogs with chocolate poisoning at Easter. The symptoms can include vomiting, diarrhoea, excessive thirst, excitability, drooling, seizures and potential kidney and heart failure.

Veterinary and Welfare Manager at Dogs Trust Ireland, Niamh Curran-Kelly said: Please make sure that children know their chocolate eggs are not for sharing with their furry friends. As toxic doses vary greatly, depending on the size of the dog and the type of chocolate ingested, if you suspect your dog has eaten any quantity of chocolate, please contact your vet for advice immediately. Prompt veterinary treatment can really improve a dog’s chances of making a full recovery”

We recommend you store your vet’s out of hours phone number on your phone in case of emergency such as chocolate ingestion.

*Noble, Peter-John M et al. “Heightened risk of canine chocolate exposure at Christmas and Easter.” The Veterinary record vol. 181,25 (2017): 684. doi:10.1136/vr.104762