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Dogs Trust website goes ‘black and white’ to celebrate National Black Dog Day

Dogs Trust is keen to dispel myths about black dogs for #NationalBlackDogDay

To celebrate National Black Dog Day, we are making all images of the dogs on our website waiting for homes black and white. We are highlighting the importance of finding a four-legged friend that fits into your lifestyle, based on their personality rather than their appearance or coat colour.

‘Black Dog Syndrome’ is a common and unfortunate trend affecting black dogs in rescue, with many tending to be overlooked for other colours of dog. It is unclear exactly why this occurs. Some say it’s down to superstition - many people associate black with evil or bad luck, like black cats - or the old wives' tale that black dogs are mean. Or even the fact that black dogs don’t tend to photograph as well as lighter coloured dogs.

Speaking about Black Dog Day, Head of Operations at Dogs Trust, Karla Dunne said:

“Every dog has his day, so we are delighted to celebrate National Black Dog Day and highlight some of the amazing black dogs in our Rehoming Centre waiting to be adopted. We are always trying to promote our dogs and give them as many chances as possible to find their Forever Homes, regardless of their age, coat colour or breed.”

Unfortunately, black dogs can spend longer waiting to be adopted and Dogs Trust has found in puppy litters of varying colours, lighter coloured puppies are often booked for adoption first. It may be that that black dogs don’t stand out due to their dark colouring in kennels so people may scroll past them when looking through dogs in need of adoption on rehoming websites.”

We are keen to dispel any myths that may exist around black dogs and are promoting the black dogs currently waiting in our Rehoming Centre to be adopted on our social media platforms today. We are also asking members of the public to share photos of their own black dogs using the hashtag #NationalBlackDogDay to show people what wonderful pets they make!