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Dogs Trust Takes in Tiny Puppy Found Wandering Dublin City Streets

We are fearful of an influx of unwanted dogs as a tiny seven-week-old puppy was found wandering alone in Dublin’s inner city centre last Friday night.

We are also worried that the puppy, now called Sean*, may be just the beginning of a potential unwanted dog crisis in Ireland in the coming months. A concerned passer by spotted Sean alone, terrified and shaking on a deserted street in Dublin’s inner city and contacted us but we discovered the puppy was not microchipped.

Becky Bristow, Executive Director, Dogs Trust Ireland explains: “We don’t know how or why little Sean ended up alone, wandering the streets, but he is now safe, warm and loved. However, we are quite apprehensive there will be many more frightened and lonely dogs arriving to us in the coming months and we need to be there for them. Despite facing a fundraising shortfall, we haven’t turned our backs on the dogs who need us, but we do urgently need the public’s support to be able to continue to save these vulnerable dogs.”

Karla Dunne, Head of Operations, Dogs Trust Ireland continues: “We have serious concerns that an influx of unwanted dogs is imminent in the coming months, as life slowly returns to normal. We are appealing the dog loving community to help dogs like Sean, so they do not to become a voiceless victim of this crisis. Right now, dogs couldn’t be more popular, as most people have plenty of time on their hands and are valuing the unconditional love and companionship dogs have to offer. Sadly, this isn’t always the case and we fear as people return to their busy lives; many dogs will be left on the sidelines.”

Now more than ever, we will be relying on the generosity of the dog-loving public to help us care for Ireland’s abandoned dogs through these uncertain times.

Please donate what you can through our Emergency Appeal or by Sponsoring a Dog or a Puppy Playgroup.

*Puppy Sean has a loving forever home waiting for him and will be adopted in the very near future.