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Dog Tales with Andrea Hayes is back!

The series premiere of ‘Dog Tales with Andrea Hayes’ airs this Thursday 14th September at 8.30pm on TV3!

We are so excited to announce that Ireland’s favourite animal ambassador, Andrea Hayes, returns to Dogs Trust again this year to continue her training as a volunteer Canine Carer, where she will give viewers a glimpse into the daily life at our state of the art Rehoming Centre in Finglas.

This brand new, six-part series, will see Andrea working alongside our dedicated staff, from our busy rehoming centre, to our on-site vet suite, as well as taking on more rescue missions as she goes on the road once again with ambulance driver, Ian. Andrea meets some of Ireland’s abandoned dogs who have been rescued by us and are now looking for love, cuddles and, most importantly, a second chance to lead a happy, healthy life free from the threat of unnecessary destruction.

Despite tackling some of the most hard-hitting stories to date, Andrea and the Canine Carers also continue to bring lots of fun, entertainment and heart-warming rehoming stories to our screens.

In the first episode of the series, Andrea is on hand as Lurcher, Blossom, gives birth to the biggest litter of pups the centre has ever seen! She helps the team bottle feed the centre’s newest arrivals as mum Blossom struggles to stay alive. Andrea also meets recent arrival Azailia, an ex-farm Collie dog who was rescued while heavily pregnant.

With so many dogs at the centre, it’s hard to show them all off, so each week, the team choose one resident to spend some time in our dedicated ‘Dog of the Week’ kennel, which means they get to meet every member of the public coming into the centre, this week it’s brave mum Juliette.

We hope you can tune in, that you enjoy the series and we look forward to seeing your comments and feedback on our social media platforms using the hashtag #DogTales

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