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Abandoned dog found with horrific injuries as we remind public that “A Dog is for Life”

An extremely emaciated and severely dehydrated female Lurcher, with horrific injuries, has been nursed back to health by Dogs Trust Ireland. Carmel, estimated to be two years old, was found near our rehoming centre in Finglas, Dublin, by a kind member of the public. Given her conditions, we believe that she was abandoned and had been straying for some time.

It was immediately apparent from the severity of the trauma to Carmel’s hind legs that she risked losing her right leg. Miraculously, Vets were able to save her leg and despite having to amputate a number of toes, Carmel is walking on all four legs.

Niamh Curran-Kelly Veterinary and Welfare Manager at Dogs Trust Ireland explains: “Carmel’s condition was shocking; it’s so upsetting to think of what she went through and the pain she was in before she arrived into our care. Her injuries were so bad, it was difficult to look at them.

Thankfully, we were able to get her the urgent veterinary treatment she needed. Carmel still has a long way to go, so we aren’t looking for a home for her just yet, but we are very happy with how she is progressing. Now that she’s no longer in so much pain, it’s wonderful to see her sweet and happy personality shine through!”

With a rapid rise in the number of stray and surrendered dogs being seen across the country, we are reminding people that “A dog is for life”. Welcoming a dog into your home, should be a well thought out decision involving the whole family. We're pleading with the public to consider what is involved in dog ownership, before they embark on a life-long journey with a dog as we have recieved over 2,612 requests from members of the public looking to surrender their dogs into our care. 

Ciara Byrne Head of Communications at Dogs Trust Ireland says: “Sadly, every year we have to reiterate the message that people need to consider all aspects of dog ownership, before they commit to welcoming a dog into their family. While puppies are incredibly cute and lots of fun, they are also a lot of work and need a lot of attention. They will grow into bigger dogs, who require training, daily walks, plus all the expenses that come with dog ownership such as food, toys, insurance and veterinary care. While there are always extenuating circumstances for wanting to surrender a dog, unfortunately, in many cases, especially this year, it is due to the fact that people didn’t consider the commitment involved when they got a dog.”

While we do not recommend getting a dog at a busy time like Christmas, we have added lots of advice to our website for anyone thinking of getting a dog. Please see for more information.