Dogs Trust

Appeal for Home for Petrified Puppy Farm Mum this Mother’s Day

We are appealing for a very special home for a former puppy farm mum, ahead of Mother’s Day this Sunday.

Carrie, a four-year-old, Labrador crossbreed arrived into our care in January 2022 with seven other dogs, from the same illegal establishment, who have all since been adopted. Carrie was petrified of people, severely underweight, her coat was matted, and a veterinary examination revealed she had been heavily bred from in the past.

Initially, Carrie was so frightened, she had to be walked in a special area her Canine Carers constructed for her that stretched from her kennel to a fenced in area, as she was too fearful to have a collar or lead put on. Now she goes for normal walks but only with those she trusts.

Corina Fitzsimons, PR & Communications Manager at Dogs Trust Ireland explains: “Carrie is yet another distressing example of the effects of living on a puppy farm can have on dogs. It’s heart-breaking to see her run to the back section of her kennel when unfamiliar people approach and then peer back in slowly, with a mixture of curiosity and trepidation. You can see how conflicted she is, wanting to approach yet being too fearful to do so, except to those who have spent months earning her trust. Carrie is a very beautiful dog and we strongly believe her perfect person is out there, we just have to find them for her.”

We understand we’re searching for a very specific home for this traumatised dog but we won’t not give up until we do so.

Maciej Trojanowicz, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Ireland continues: “Given the current unwanted dog crisis in Ireland, we are finding it increasingly difficult to find adopters who are willing to take on a dog like Carrie. She is an extremely sweet dog who just needs a second chance in life with people who will love her enough to let her come to them, on her own terms and in her own time. This may take a few months and we know we are asking for a lot but think of how rewarding it would be to help this girl and make her feel safe and happy, especially after everything she has been through.”

Carrie will need a home in a quiet area with a decent sized garden as she may be too fearful to go for walks initially. She will also need adult adopters who are at home a lot of the time to help her settle in.

If you think you can offer Carrie the home she deserves, please click here to find out more.