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Dogs Trust Rescues Dog So Matted, He Struggled to Walk

We are highlighting the worrying increase in the number of dogs needing our help as we took in a dog whose coat was so badly matted; we were initially unable to tell if he was male or female. He was found wandering alone in Dublin, in late October. A kind member of the public brought him to us, as it was clear he needed urgent veterinary care and we named him Acorn.

He is a three-year-old male Poodle Cross and had such severely matted fur, he was unable to walk properly. As we began to clip away his coat, we discovered an old dog toy embedded within the clumps of hair, suggesting he was once a much-loved pet. Due to Acorn’s level of discomfort, he needed to be sedated by our veterinary team to completely shave his coat.

Veterinary and Welfare Manager Niamh Curran-Kelly, stated: “Although Acorn was showing signs that he really wanted affection from those around him, his heavily matted fur was causing him a lot of discomfort and distress. We removed almost a kilo of matted fur from him, which is an awful lot to carry around on his 14-kilo body. Dogs with coats like Acorn’s need regular grooming and sadly, this is something many people do not consider when they decide to welcome a dog into their home.”

As Acorn is in the process of being adopted, we are appealing to the public for their support, so that we can be there for the next dog like Acorn who urgently needs us.

We recently launched our ‘Save the Next Dog’ campaign highlighting the worsening dog crisis in Ireland. This year, we have received the highest volume of surrender requests since opening the doors to our rehoming centre in 2009. With 3,691 people contacting us since January, we fear that more dogs like Acorn could end up being abandoned, as rescues and welfare organisations struggle to cope with the demand for their services.

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