Often when a dog arrives in our care, we don’t know what kind of conditions they’ve been living in. But with Scooby, we didn’t have to imagine…the woman told who brought him in told us. This beautiful little puppy had spent his short life in a cold, dark shed.

She said…

“It was dark; he only switched on a bulb to show me inside. He told me he kept the door shut so the puppy wouldn’t get out onto the grass. When I saw the puppy… his tiny legs were stained yellow, like he was covered in his own urine. He wasn’t with his mum. When I picked him up I saw that his tummy was swollen.

I couldn’t turn my back on him… I couldn’t leave him there.”

When the woman brought Scooby home, his condition deteriorated. His eyes were darting frantically around, like he was confused and didn’t understand what was happening to him. Scooby spent the night trembling and getting sick.

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The woman was so worried that she rushed to the vet the next morning. Scooby was treated for worms and fleas. But while he started getting better, she started to get worse.

By the time she came to Dogs Trust she was covered in a red, itchy rash. But even after only two days together, she’d gotten attached to little Scooby. Devastated, she knew she couldn’t keep him.

Despite being full to capacity, the team knew we just had to take Scooby in.

Because of you, Scooby got all his vital vaccinations. He was microchipped and neutered. And he was fed nutrient-rich puppy food to build him up. Thanks to you, Scooby is out of danger and will never fall asleep on a cold, damp, hard ground again.

Thank you for not turning your back on dogs and puppies who are suffering. Many of us often wonder where innocent pups like him would be without you.

But what about the other dogs and puppies bought during lockdown, who we fear will be given up as restrictions ease? They’ll arrive at Dogs Trust tomorrow, or the day after that, some in desperate need of help. Your support gives each dog the vital veterinary care they need, emergency treatments for painful injuries or infections, and nutritious food to fill their hungry bellies.

We’ll only be able to do these things for the next puppy in need with your help.

Cancelled fundraising activities are putting a strain on our funding, that’s why we need your help more than ever. Please, will you help ensure the next puppy who arrives at Dogs Trust receives the urgent care they need?

The next life you save could be another puppy who’s only ever known a life of neglect and pain. Please, send your gift today.

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Please, will you send a gift to save a vulnerable puppy like Scooby?

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