Dogs Trust

Ireland's abandoned dogs urgently need your help today.

Please help them by making an emergency donation.

In the last few months, we have seen an alarming rise in the number of dogs being abandoned in Ireland. This is partly because many dogs were bought during the pandemic and are no longer wanted now lockdown has ended.

This unexpected and heart-breaking increase means Dogs Trust is facing a rehoming emergency. We urgently need more funds, more foster-carers and more support from the Irish dog-loving public to help as many vulnerable dogs as we can.

We have been quick to set up fostering hubs across Ireland to save and take in as many dogs as we can, but we urgently need your help to do more.

We’re concerned that the current emergency is likely to get worse in the weeks and months ahead. The cost-of-living crisis may force some dog owners to make the difficult decision about whether or not they can afford a dog.

The second way you can help is to become a Dogs Trust foster carer.

Our foster programme is in desperate need of temporary homes for abandoned dogs.

Foster homes are vital for dogs who don’t integrate easily into the kennel environment. These include older dogs, injured dogs or puppies that need hand rearing or extra support.

Fostering a dog not only gives invaluable experience in caring for a dog but it plays a fundamental role in helping the most vulnerable dogs get back on their paws and have a better chance of finding their forever home, which is an incredibly rewarding experience for any dog lover.

Foster today

To become a foster carer, you must:

  • Be over the age of 18 and have access to dog friendly transport for vet visits and to meet potential adopters
  • Have a secure back garden as some of the dogs will not be toilet-trained and may not be ready for walks
  • Have experience with dogs or are willing to learn how to look after them
  • And, of course, we will give you all the help and support you need along the way

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