Puppy's First Christmas | Dogs Trust

Will you Write a Happy Ending
to a Dog's Story This Christmas?

Wonderful dog lovers like you can re-write the ending for an unwanted puppy. You can save a pup’s life and change their future, right here, right now –by giving a generous gift today.

Please will you write a happy ending to a pup’s story this Christmas? Help save a little life today by sending as generous gift as you can.


Dogs and puppies all arrive to Dogs Trust with their own sad tale, but they all have one thing in common – they have been let down in life. After being rejected, or mistreated, they need to know someone cares about what happens to them. They need to know that someone is fighting for them – someone like you.

Pictured below are a litter of new born orphaned pups that required 24 hour care and feeding by our staff & volunteers. They were 1 of 3 orphaned litters in our care at the time. But thanks to support from dog lovers like you we were able to provide round the clock care and save a total of 14 little lives.

The moment a dog like the Puppy in our story is rescued by Dogs Trust, is the moment their life changes forever.
Thank you for saving so many dogs.

Help us rewrite the story for thousands of abandoned dogs and pups and give them the happy ending they deserve.