When six-week-old puppy Nala arrived, she was so small that she fit in my hand. But as soon as I touched her, I could feel the infected scabs that covered her tiny body. And she felt it too. At every touch she whimpered. You could see this gorgeous girl was in terrible pain, and had been for most of her short life.

Can you imagine how distressed Nala was? I’m sure you share that distress, to know such a tiny puppy had been treated with such cruelty and neglect.

I don’t know what happened to Nala before she came to us. I do know a simple treatment costing a few euro would have easily prevented the painful mange that developed and led to infected scabs on her skin and hair loss— freeing Nala from the agony that she endured during her first weeks of life. Instead, she was neglected, abandoned, and left to die on the side of the road.

It’s not right. It’s not fair. Nala is such a happy soul who loves people and other dogs. She wants to make friends — to give love and to be loved. Instead, she was seen as worthless. She wasn’t worth a second thought to the people responsible for her, not even a treatment costing just a few euro.

I know that, like me, you care deeply about our faithful friends. I know you share my belief that the lives of dogs, and puppies like Nala are worth so much more than the cost of a simple treatment. That’s why I hope you will give today. Your gift will help more innocent puppies like Nala to get life-saving veterinary care.

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I must be frank with you. If Nala hadn’t been brought to us by a caring member of the public, I’m not convinced she would have survived much longer. She was in a terrible state— in pain and severely malnourished.

Thankfully, all over Ireland there are dog-lovers like you who care so deeply about puppies in urgent need of love, shelter and veterinary treatment. It’s your love and generosity that means another abandoned puppy will get a second chance at life.

As you can see in the photos, when Nala was born her right eye wasn’t properly formed. Left uncared for, it became severely infected. I wonder if her bad eye was the cause of her abandonment? I wonder if it was the reason that she wasn’t wanted?

If you think a puppy like Nala’s life is worth saving, then please donate today. Your gift could provide that same emergency treatment for puppies and dogs in urgent need.

Sadly, there is another puppy or dog out there who has been abandoned, neglected and abused. They urgently need you to show them their lives are worth saving.

Will you give €20 today, and help provide emergency veterinary care for another puppy like Nala?

Right now your support is needed more than ever.

Jenny Conefrey
Dogs Trust Veterinary Nurse

P.S. All Nala needed was a simple treatment to prevent her suffering, and yet she was neglected and nearly denied a chance at life. If you believe a puppy’s life is worth saving, please donate to help save another dog like Nala.

Will you send a gift today, and help provide emergency veterinary care for another puppy like Nala?

Thank you for your incredible generosity and kindness.

health icon  €20 could provide a puppy like Nala with vita life-saving medication.

blanket icon   €50 can help fully vaccinate a puppy like Nala ensuring a healthy start in life. 

skin icon   €250 can help towards cost of neutering, microchipping and vaccinating an abandoned dog to prepare them for their Forever Home.