If you had seen Eve, you wouldn’t have known if she was alive. We certainly didn’t. She arrived at Dogs Trust, wrapped in a towel, her tiny body so cold her temperature barely registered on the thermometer. It was only three weeks to Christmas. We suspect she was bred for the Christmas market.

Dumped in a laneway, Eve was left to die. You should’ve seen her. Her coat was filthy and matted, and she couldn’t even open her eyes. Straightaway, we did a vet check on her. Eve didn’t have much time left. Her best chance of survival was to get round-the-clock care.

Our Assistant Operations Manager, Eimear, brought Eve home with her that evening. She wrapped Eve in snuggly blankets and placed her in a dog bed underneath a radiator to keep her warm.
At first, Eve couldn’t eat, and could barely take in a sip of water, without bringing it back up. But slowly, through the night, she started getting stronger.

Eventually, she was able to eat and keep down a small bit of food.

The next morning, Eve started to make slow but tentative steps toward her food and water bowl.

We’ll never know for sure what kind of conditions Eve was born or kept in. Did she have siblings? What happened to them? Where was her mum? Was she okay? We’ll never know for sure.

All we know is that for the two days Eve was with us, she learned what it felt like to be loved and cared for.

As you can probably imagine, when puppies like Eve arrive at Dogs Trust, they’re often in terrible condition. They can be suffering from starvation, painful untreated conditions and injuries, and often behavioural issues that start after being taken from their mum too early.   But vital veterinary care, and the love, time and attention of our

Canine Carers, can turn a puppy’s life around. Instead of a life of cruelty, you can give them a life worth living. But none of this can happen without the help of caring dog lovers like you. You’ve taken a crucial first step toward ending the cruelty puppies and their mums suffer at the hands of unscrupulous breeders.  Now will you take the next step? Will you send a gift to help save the next puppy in need?    

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Now will you take the next step? Will you send a gift to help save the next puppy in need?

Here are some of the ways kindness can make a difference today..

These are all the things we would’ve done for Eve, had we gotten the chance.

health icon  €20 could provide a puppy like Eve with vita life-saving medication.

blanket icon   €50 can help fully vaccinate a puppy like Eve ensuring a healthy start in life. 

skin icon   €250 can help towards cost of neutering, microchipping and vaccinating an abandoned dog to prepare them for their Forever Home.