Dogs Trust

Thank you for going the extra mile!

Every cent that you raise from your fundraising event will save dogs lives.

By choosing to fundraise, you have shown that you are going the extra mile for dogs. Dogs just like Rudolph.

Rudolph had been straying and was in bad shape. He was almost completely bald, his skin was infected, and he was severely underweight. Thanks to generous supporters like you, he was prescribed a course of treatment, specialist baths and lots of TLC. This improved his skin and his hair began to grow back.

He has now made a full recovery and gone on to find his forever home with people who are absolutely smitten with him. This is what dog lovers like you can do by running community fundraising events. You are saving lives and giving a second chance to dogs like Rudolph.

We cannot thank you enough for this.

All your hard work will bring a frightened, lonely dog closer to being saved.

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