Beau was found at 7.30am as the gates to Dogs Trust were opening on a bleak December morning.

She was tied up outside. Abandoned and frozen, unknown to us, she’d spent the whole night there scared and alone, hoping to be found.

It was clear that Beau was in a very bad way. She had severe pressure sores on her legs, which as usually caused by sleeping on concrete. But that wasn’t all. After being brought into the warmth of the rehoming centre she was seen by our Veterinary Team, who found tumours all over her body, including a huge one hanging from her chest. Her head was constantly tilted to one side due to an extremely painful ear infection, that had been left untreated for a long time.

To survive, Beau needed surgery on her tumours. But first her ear infection needed treating.

Because of you, Beau got the emergency care she needed. Her surgery was extremely high risk. We did not know if she was going to make it through the complex five-hour surgery.

Beau was resilient and she pulled through, but she still had a tough recovery ahead of her. She became very sick for several days. Her life was hanging in the balance.

But you were with her every step of the way and thankfully, Beau survived.

I hope you’ll show some care and kindness today by giving a gift to help save the next dog like Beau. You could provide life-saving treatment to a dog like her who has been neglected and give them the life they deserve.

Send a gift today to help the next dog like Beau get the life-saving treatment they need. Because any day now another sick dog could be abandoned, just like Beau was.

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