Right now, as you and I stay safe at home, the lives of dogs across the country are at risk. Coats that should be rich and glossy are matted and filthy.

Eyes that should be bright and friendly are sad and scared. Tails are tucked away with no reason to wag.

These innocent dogs don’t know there’s a crisis — all they know is they’re alone and afraid. They urgently need your help not to become the voiceless victims of this crisis.

The current situation has changed everything for many of us — and sadly, because of this, we have real concerns that the number of dogs who urgently need help will rise. Will you give 25 today to save a dog’s life?

Donate now

Donate now

health icon   €20 can help buy special milk to feed puppies who have been orphaned.

blanket icon   €50 can help treat an injured dog or pup who needs emergency veterinary care.

skin icon   €250 can help towards cost of neutering, microchipping and vaccinating an abandoned dog to prepare them for their Forever Home.