January saw us face an emergency – our Rehoming Centre was under huge strain and we continued to get calls daily from people looking to surrender their dogs to us.

But no one could have predicted the situation we’d be facing now.

You see, although we’ve had to close our Rehoming Centre to the public, our team are still here, working round-the-clock to continue providing our dogs with life-saving care. In response to the crisis, our team are taking every measure to protect each other. They continue to give the dogs our best level of care and expert attention while working apart. And we’ve increased our already strict hygiene standards.

As we watch our community pull together to help each other, we're calling on our own community of dog-loving supporters to pull together – by sending a gift right now. Because now, more than ever, dogs need you.

The fundraising activities we’d planned have had to be cancelled or put on hold. There is no doubt the lack of funding will put an enormous additional strain on our work. But we can’t let what’s happening outside impact the dogs who are on the inside – the dogs in our care right now.

And we can’t let down the dogs who will need us in the weeks and months ahead. But that’s what will happen if we don’t fill our funding gap now. We’ve seen over 250 owners look to surrender their dogs since January, and we know this number will continue to rise. And we’ve seen dogs like Pudsey, pictured above. Tied to a pole and abandoned outside our Rehoming Centre, you and Dogs Trust were his only hope.

Donate now

Please will you send a gift today to help keep the Rehoming Centre going - and make sure we can continue our life-saving work for dogs like Pudsey?

Your love for dogs will keep the dogs in our care safe, healthy and happy during this challenging time. Thank you.

Donate now

health icon   €20 can help buy special milk to feed puppies who have been orphaned.

blanket icon   €50 can help treat an injured dog or pup who needs emergency veterinary care.

skin icon   €250 can help towards cost of neutering, microchipping and vaccinating an abandoned dog to prepare them for their Forever Home.