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Waiting For You

Waiting For You

We have launched our #WaitingForYou campaign to highlight the hundreds of rescue dogs coming through the doors of our Rehoming Centre waiting to find their Forever Homes!

Since our Rehoming Centre opened in November 2009, we have rehomed over 9,000 dogs. 798 of those were adopted last year with Terriers and Lurchers being the most commonly adopted dogs.

With YOUR help, we would love to see even more dogs being rehomed this year!

We care for approximately 170 dogs every day and although they are adored by their Canine Carers, our Rehoming Centre isn’t a substitute for a loving home. Our dogs might not win ‘best in show’, but they will win your heart. Rescue dogs are amazing and thoroughly deserve a second chance in life. We believe the perfect people are out there for every dog in our Rehoming Centre.

When you adopt a dog, you are effectively helping two dogs…..the dog you adopt and the kennel space you create to save another dog.


Dogs can make your life complete, but they are a significant time commitment. Most people have jobs, family and social lives but dogs just have us, their owners and their whole world revolves around us. They spend most of their lives waiting for us, to feed them, care for them, walk them and of course love them. What dog owner hasn’t been on their laptop or phone or even reading a book when a furry face appears over the object, seeking attention?

The Benefits of Dog Ownership!

Adopting a dog can be lifesaving according to Mr. Saul who has adopted long term Dogs Trust resident Maggie the Lab cross. When Frank had difficulty breathing, Maggie saved the day by barking and raising the alarm, alerting his wife and daughter who called an ambulance. Thankfully after a short spell in hospital Frank has now fully recovered but he is no doubt this is thanks to his faithful friend Maggie!


Dogs improve your emotional wellbeing, in fact just looking at a dog can make you smile. Studies have even found that dogs understand words and tone, much like humans do and dog owners are happier and healthier!

Dogs adore their humans too, so the feeling is most definitely mutual, when dogs encounter their owner’s scent, it activates the part of their brain associated with pleasure, similar to a person reacting to the perfume or aftershave of a loved one.

Dogs offer constant companionship!

If you would like to be adored, followed around your home and have a waggy tail greet you every time you come home and sometimes when you just enter the room, you will find directions to our Rehoming Centre here!

How YOU can help!


We need YOUR help to spread our message please!! We would love to see social media full of images of dogs waiting on their owners with the hashtag #WaitingForYou.


If you don’t have a dog, sharing our campaign video will really help too!


Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #WaitingForYou

Share our advice with anyone considering getting a dog, to help them decide if they are ready for this long-term commitment.


If you’re not in a position to adopt a dog, perhaps you could sponsor a dog or a puppy playgroup instead?

You can save lives and give abandoned dogs the second chance that they deserve so much!