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The Underdogs

My name is Rocky

Japanese Akita Male

About me

Rocky is a big, strong boy who loves going for his walkies. He is however a sensitive soul, and can be worried by new people and surroundings. He is in foster care at the moment and loves cuddles from them but equally will potter into his garden and chill out by himself.

Type of home needed

Rocky is seeking an adult only home where there are not too many visitors. Rocky would like a home where he is able to settle in slowly and build up his confidence and trust in people. He is strong on lead so will need some positive, reward based training and would need to walk in quiet areas to begin with until his confidence grows. He will need to be the only pet in the home.

More about me

Rocky will take a little time to get to know his new family so you will need to come and meet him a several times at our centre with his foster family to build a bond of love and trust.

Microchip Number 97227400030797


Make my tail wag

I love playing in water.

I am so active for my age!

I love to play with all my toys!