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The Underdogs

My name is Jacksie

Collie Male

About me

Jacksie is a nervous little man who finds the world a bit overwhelming at times. He takes some time to build a bond with people, but once he does, he is very sweet. He is active and clever, but equally he does love a nice cozy bed for a nap.

Type of home needed

Jacksie is looking for an adult only home, with maximum 2 people as he is quite worried by people and too much hustle and bustle. He would love an enclosed garden, in a quiet area where he can spend some time initially playing and toileting, until he builds up a bond with his new adopters and becomes brave enough for walks in quieter areas. He does get on with other dogs out on walks, but prefares to be the only dog in the home where he can get all the attention he deserves..

More about me

Jacksie will need a couple of meets at the centre to build a bond with his new family before going home, and needs some patience as he settles.

Microchip Number 972274200217042


Make my tail wag

I love tasty treats.

I am a sensitive soul!

I love to be active!