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The Underdogs

My name is Holly

Collie Female

About me

Holly is a very shy girl who will take quite a bit of time to get to know and trust new people. She is not overly fond of rubs and cuddles but can be quite affectionate on her own terms with people she knows really well.

Type of home needed

Holly is looking for a quiet, adult only home where there are not many visitors and where she will be the only dog. She will need an experienced dog owner who will take the time to build a bond and will help her to grow in confidence with handling and car travel. She would love a secure garden where she can potter around and explore. She would also prefer a small family of 1-2 people.

More about me

Microchip Number 945000001620210

Make my tail wag

I love training when you have hotdogs!

I love playing with my furry friends.

I like to visit the beach!