Adopt a Rescue Dog Day 'Tea and Chats' Event

Dark grey Lurcher running in field outside, wearing Dogs Trust harness and brown leather collar

To celebrate Adopt a Rescue Dog Day on April 30th we are hosting a Tea & Chats* event at our rehoming centre in Finglas Dublin from 1pm – 8pm. 

Our Rehoming team will be available to answer any questions you have about adopting or fostering a dog.

*Please note – due to the large number of attendees expected this will just be an initial chat where we can speak to you about adopting or fostering a dog. We can then discuss the process for booking an appointment to meet one of the lovely dogs in our care at a later date. This event is not dog-friendly, so please leave your pups at home. We can organise for your current dog to meet your potential new dog at another date.

If you live outside of Dublin, we will be hosting two online chat sessions at 1:30pm and 7:30pm, where you can ask questions about adopting a dog to our Regional Rehoming team at the process differs slightly to adopting a dog from our rehoming centre.  Join the 1:30pm session or the 7:30pm session on Tuesday, April 30th.


Why are we hosting this event?

As so many dogs missed out on vital socialisation during the pandemic, we are sadly seeing more dogs with behavioural issues. Some of these dogs are quite nervous and will take a while to settle into a home so, we are particularly interested in speaking to adult only families or families with older children.

These dogs just need second chances in life with people who will love them enough to let them come to them, on their own terms and in their own time. This can take weeks and, in some cases, months. We know we are asking for a lot but think of how rewarding it would be to help one of these dogs and make them feel safe and happy, especially after everything they have been through.