Dogs Trust

Frequently asked questions about rehoming.


Do you take dogs in for rehoming?

Please see our 'Help I can't look after my dog' section by clicking HERE for more information.

I want to adopt a dog and I've filled in a questionnaire. Why haven't you contacted me?

Thank you so much for offering a forever home to a dog in need.

We do have lots of dogs coming into our care who need our help, but bear in mind that if you are looking for a very specific breed, size, or temperament, or have a very busy household, it may take longer for us to find your perfect match. Many of the dogs we take in may have had a difficult start in life, or have specific medical or behavioural needs, and need a quieter household or one with no other pets. Some dogs will need a trusted doggy pal already in their home to help to show them the ropes. We try to match each dog with a family where we think they will have the best chance of success.

If you have applied, we would still encourage you to regularly check the website, and if a dog appears that you are interested in, to let us know, especially if the dog you are considering is a bit different to the one you have described in your questionnaire. If you are looking for a puppy, please note that we don’t usually post puppies for rehoming on the website, but we match existing adopter applications on our Puppy List with the needs of the puppies in our care. We have had an unprecedented volume of enquiries for puppies in recent months and so the wait time to be matched with a puppy may be longer than for an adult dog. See more about our current rehoming process here.

I want a particular breed. Can you contact me when you have one?

As a charity with limited resources, unfortunately we cannot contact people directly about a particular breed Some breeds do come into our care more regularly than others, and if you have previous experience with a particular breed it may be useful to note this on your questionnaire, but we cannot guarantee to find a match for you within a particular breed or other criteria.

Are the dogs free? How much does it cost to rehome?

Our adoption fee is €220 for adult dogs and this fee helps us to cover the costs of caring for over 1,500 dogs every year.

Our fee for adopting a puppy is €270. This includes the €220 rehoming fee and a reduced €50 online Dog School fee. Training is an essential part of being a responsible dog owner so we only rehome dogs under six months of age to adopters who are willing to attend a four week online Dog School course. Our Dog School classes help puppies learn key life skills and teach owners the basic training skills they need to create a strong bond with their new dog.

Every dog adopted from Dogs Trust is:

  • Microchipped
  • Vaccinated
  • Vet Checked

If your new dog is not already neutered at the time of adoption, you will go home with a voucher of €120 towards the cost of neutering a male or €150 towards the cost of spaying a female dog at a local veterinary practice.

You will also receive a starter bag of food, a collar and lead, as well as having a pre-adoption talk to help your dog settle in.

Once they're at home, you'll be able to access advice from the centre team if you need to.

Do I need to make an appoinment to visit the centre?

Visiting hours are on Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday between 1 and 3pm.

Otherwise, we are open by appointment only for potential adopters and you can book by emailing [email protected]

How long does the rehoming process take?

Every adoption is treated as an individual case, so while the process following a match normally takes about a week, it can be shorter or longer depending on a number of factors, and this should not be taken as a guarantee.

Some dogs might need to get to know their new owners more gradually. Depending on your new dog’s needs, we’ll sometimes arrange for you to meet them before they come home, and get to know them a little bit better. For some of our more worried dogs you may need to meet them several times before they join you at home.

If you know there is a big event (moving house, going on holiday, a new baby) coming up soon, it's best to start the process after everything has settled down, so that whenever you find your new dog, you're ready for them.

Can I reserve a dog online or over the phone? How long can I reserve a dog for?

For more information about our adoption process, please click HERE.

Do you ever have hypoallergenic dogs available for rehoming?

As the causes of individual’s allergies can vary, no dog can be said to be 100% hypoallergenic, even if the breed or crossbreed doesn’t shed very much or the dog doesn’t have much or any hair.

Some people with known allergies to dog hair or dander spend time with a dog of the same breed or crossbreed as the one they would like to rehome prior to adopting. However, there is no guarantee that there will not be an allergic reaction with another dog, even of the same breed or crossbreed.

Although on occasion we may have dogs available for adoption who may shed less hair than other breeds, we can never guarantee that a dog will not cause allergies.

We work in an ever-changing environment so encourage people to complete a rehoming questionnaire and keep in regular contact with our Rehoming team in case a dog that may suit becomes available.

See more about our current rehoming process here.