Dogs Trust

National Chipping Week Microchip Amnesty

Dogs Trust National Chipping Week is taking place from August 12th – 18th!

For this week only we are providing a Microchip Certificate Amnesty, in association with Fido. This is for those who already have their dog chipped but need to update their contact details and get a new Microchipping Certificate.

Maybe you’ve changed your phone number, moved to a new house or just never received a Certificate to begin with? If that’s the case, be sure to update your details now, FREE of charge for this week only!

As microchipping is such an important part of responsible dog ownership, we wanted to dedicate a whole week to it! Chipping your dog and keeping your up to date contact details registered against it is one the most valuable things you can do to ensure that your beloved pooch can be swiftly returned to you, should you ever become separated. Don’t forget it’s also the law, so if you haven’t already, please get your dog chipped and registered today!

Click HERE to Claim your FREE Microchipping Certificate  

To avail of this offer, you must know your dog’s microchip number. If you do not know their number, please visit your local vet practice who can assist you with this.

*Please note, the chip does not have to be a Fido microchip for you to avail of this offer.

To find out more about microchipping and why it’s so important visit our advice on microchipping page.