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My Dog is Microchipped – How Do I Get My Certificate?

Firstly, you will need your dog’s microchip number.

How do I get my dog’s microchip number?

Your vet may have your dog’s microchip number on file so give the practice a call. If this is not the case, simply have your dog scanned at a veterinary practice, local authority dog pound or animal welfare organisation.

Why do I need a Microchipping Certificate?

Dog owners are now legally required to be in possession of a Microchipping Certificate, which is a printed legal document confirming the information that is registered on a government-approved database.

I have my dog’s microchip number, how do I get my certificate?

There are four microchipping databases in Ireland from which you can obtain a Microchipping Certificate:

  • Animark
  • Fido
  • Irish Kennel Club
  • Microdog ID Ltd (Irish Coursing Club)

Click HERE to check your dog's microchip details  

Please note, only printed certificates are legal.

What does the Certificate look like?

Each of the four database provider's certificates will very in appearance.  Here is an example of the Fido Certificate:

If you have any more questions about microchipping, please see our FAQ section.