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Help, I have lost or found a dog!

Sadly every day Dogs Trust is presented with stray, lost or abandoned dogs that have become separated from their owners. Although it is a legal requirement for every dog in Ireland to be microchipped, unfortunately many dogs that are presented to us have unregistered chips, the registered owner is not contactable or the dog is not microchipped at all.

Found Dogs:

If you find a dog the first thing you should do is take the dog to a local veterinary practice, animal welfare organisation or a dog pound and have it scanned for a microchip. It is a legal requirement for all dogs in Ireland to be microchipped. We are very happy to offer this scanning service at Dogs Trust and may be able to help to trace the owner whilst you are here if a microchip is located.

We have a lost and found log of dogs so please leave your contact details with us. If you present a found dog that is not traceable to an owner, we will photograph the dog and post him/her on our Lost and Found Facebook page. If you are unable to visit our Rehoming Centre, we can be contacted on 01-8791000.

Stray Dogs and the Law

Local Authority dog wardens are required to collect stray dogs and check them for a microchip or other form of identification, returning them to their owner if found. If no identification is found, the Local Authority must then keep the dog for five days. After that time the Local Authority then either rehomes the dog through local welfare organisations, rehomes the dogs themselves or sadly destroys the dogs if no suitable home can be found.

Unfortunately, Dogs Trust legally cannot keep a stray dog, under The Control of Dogs Acts 1986 and 1992 the full responsibility for dog control and licensing services is placed on local authorities. Under these Acts, local authorities have the power to appoint dog wardens, to provide shelters for stray and other dogs, to impose on-the-spot fines for a number of offences and to bring cases to court.

Dogs Trust has no legal authority to deal with stray dogs. We work closely with the Dog Warden Service in the local authority dog pounds to take in and rehome dogs following their statutory 5 day stay in the pound if they have not been rehomed or reclaimed – this function is the core of our work in the Dogs Trust Dublin Rehoming Centre; as helping vulnerable dogs is our number one priority. For this reason we operate our facility in Finglas at maximum capacity at all times, so we cannot house stray or abandoned dogs, we simply do not have the kennel space. In the event of a stray dog being injured, unwell, very young or very vulnerable, Dogs Trust where possible will work closely with the wardens and pound staff to ensure these dogs receive the veterinary attention and care they require.

However, it is a legal requirement to comply with The Control of Dogs Acts and report any stray dog to the dog warden.

Lost Dogs:

If you lose your dog, the first thing you should do is contact your local dog pound and report the dog as missing, giving a full description of your dog and your contact details. Although your dog should be microchipped, it is still advisable to visit the dog pound during opening hours to look at the stray dogs and hand in a poster with your dog’s picture on it.

Lost and Found Dogs:

Please make posters with a picture and description of the found dog and put them up in the locality you found the dog in – local veterinary practices, rescue and rehoming centres, shops, Garda stations and community centre boards are recommended. Get the word out there on social media as it is an extremely useful tool to help reunite a stray dog with their owner.

Useful Resources:

Facebook -

  • Dogs Trust Ireland – Lost and Found
  • Ashton Dog Pound (responsible for dogs in Dublin City, Fingal, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown and S.C Dublin)
  • Lors Lost Dogs
  • Lost & Found Pets Ireland

Websites -


Telephone numbers -

  •  Ashton Dog Pound – 018383236
  • Meath Dog Pound - 087 0676766
  • Dogs Trust Dublin – 018791000 (option 2)
  • D.S.P.C.A - (01) 499 4700
  • I.S.P.C.A National Animal Helpline (reporting cruelty) - 1890 515 515