Dogs Trust

Help, I can’t look after my dog!

There are genuine cases of people needing to rehome their dogs, so we have put together some helpful advice that may assist you in responsibly rehoming your dog.

My dog has a behaviour issue:

If you have adopted your dog from Dogs Trust, please contact our Training and Behaviour team for advice.

As we can only offer advice for dogs that we are familiar with and who have been adopted from our Rehoming Centre, please contact one of the following if your dog has a training or behaviour issue you need help with:

I need to rehome my dog and am prepared to keep him/her in my home until a suitable home is found:

At Dogs Trust we offer a Home Adoption Scheme for people who are in the upsetting circumstance of having to rehome their dog but have the time to keep him/ her in their home until we can find them a Forever Home with a new family. This not only allows us to rehome dogs when we simply don’t have space for them in our kennels, but it also makes for an easier transitioning for the dog, without having to be put into a kennel environment first.

Our specialised Training & Behaviour team will asses your dog at our centre to ensure that our Home Adoption Scheme is the right fit for your dog.

If you need to rehome your dog and are prepared to keep him/her in your home we may be able to help via our Home Adoption scheme, please email [email protected] for more information.

I have had a change of circumstances:

We are so sorry to hear that you need to re-home your dog. Dogs Trust operates at full capacity and we receive a large number of similar requests each day. Unfortunately, due to the high demand to take in dogs from many sources, we are unable to help by taking all surrendered dogs. When we do have available space in our Rehoming Centre, we prioritise those dogs that are most at risk of being put to sleep in dog pounds across Ireland, as well as those that are most vulnerable and need urgent veterinary treatment.

You might find the following website useful where you can find a list of rescue groups* all over Ireland.

*Please note the Irish Blue Cross in Dublin does not rehome animals, they are a low cost vet clinic only, for people in receipt of means tested social welfare payments.

I urgently need to rehome my dog:

Our Rehoming Centre operates at full capacity so we are genuinely unable to offer kennel space to all dogs, especially at short notice, however, if you need to rehome your dog in extenuating circumstances, please email [email protected] and we will do our best to help in emergency situations.