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Why we need your help

Why we need your help

It is a shocking fact that far too many dogs are picked up on our streets every year. Sadly, many of these dogs are put to sleep simply because no homes can be found for them. Our mission is to stop this tragic waste of life.

Our Rehoming Centre offers everything abandoned dogs need to get them back on their paws again. We treat every dog like a beloved family pet, providing comfortable kennels, first class veterinary care, exercise facilities, and all the TLC that our canine guests deserve. Most of our dogs are rehomed in a few weeks but those that need a little extra help will always be safe with us because we will never, ever destroy a healthy dog.

There are still so many more dogs we'd like to save. We would dearly love to see the day when no healthy stray or abandoned dog is destroyed in the Ireland and with the continued help of our like-minded supporters, we're convinced that this day will come about in the not too distant future.

We'd like to build more Rehoming Centres to help make this dream a reality. However, the more dogs who are rescued and rehomed, the bigger our bills become. Currently we spend a large proportion of our money each year on vets bills and this will increase as we help more dogs.

So if you love dogs, please consider remembering Dogs Trust in your Will. Your support will help us to give thousands of deserving dogs a second chance in life.

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