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Childhood summers spent on my uncle’s farm is where my great love of animals began. The loyalty and faithfulness of dogs has always amazed me.

My wife and I have been married for 50 years. We have five children and at last count 11 grandchildren.

Over the years we’ve shared our home with a host of canine companions. I’ve such fond memories of the two West Highland Terriers we raised and two Cavalier King Charles we adopted when their owner moved abroad.

Our most recent addition Tiny is a miniature Jack Russell who I found abandoned on the roadside. After all our efforts to find Tiny’s owner failed, we decided to offer Tiny a home here with us and we’ve never looked back.

The hardest part of being a dog owner is when you have to say goodbye. I’ve had all my dogs who passed on cremated and I plan to have them buried with me when my time comes. I know it might seem unusual to many but for me it’s the right choice.

When making the decision to include Dogs Trust in our Will we first discussed it with our children. Everyone agreed that leaving a gift was a great way for us to allow our love of dogs to live on after we’ve gone.

It’s a way of recognising the joy our dogs have brought us.

Dogs Trust are so thankful that Michael and his family have chosen to honour their love of dogs in this special way. Their legacy will help build a future where every dog gets the chance to find a home where they are loved for the rest of their days.


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If you’d like to speak to someone about how you can have a lasting impact on the lives of dogs all over Ireland with a gift in your Will you can call Gillian on 01 879 1000 (Option 3) or email [email protected]

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