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Canine Care Card

Canine Care Card

Where would your best friend be without you..?

Many people worry about what would happen if they were to die before their dog. Thankfully, Dogs Trust is on hand to ease this worry. The Canine Care Card scheme is a fantastic free service that gives you peace of mind, knowing that Dogs Trust will care for your dogs if you pass away before they do. 

We care for over 1,500 lost and abandoned dogs each year at our Rehoming Centre here in Dublin and firmly believe that no healthy dog should ever be destroyed. We treat every one of our dogs like a beloved family pet and ensure that they get all the loving care they need until we can find them a new home.

What would happen if your dog came to Dogs Trust?

If you pass away and have registered as a Canine Care Card holder, we will arrange to bring your dog or dogs to our Rehoming Centre. Once there, they will be examined by our vet and cared for by our dedicated, trained staff.

We will then try to find your dog or dogs new owners whose lifestyle and experience match their needs. Any new owners would be visited at their home and given a thorough briefing in caring for your dog.

How can a friend or family member join?

If you do not have a furry best friend or feel you are in need of our scheme but you know someone who may be, you can download a copy of the brochure to pass on to them. It may be difficult to speak with someone you love about passing away, but they’re important conversations to have. It will lead to peace of mind knowing that, if they were to pass unexpectedly, their dog will be cared for by people who love dogs just as much as they do. You can help them fill out the forms, or leave them to fill them out in their own time. Alternatively, have them call Katie on 01 879 1000 (Option 3) between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday to have a chat about the Canine Care Card.’

How to join the Canine Care Card scheme

Call Katie on 01 879 1000 (Option 3) between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday and we can organise to send you an application form!

Or download one below, fill it out and post it to us at : Dogs Trust Ireland, Ashbourne Road, Finglas, Dublin 11.

Canine Care Card Form 2019 PDF 6.61 MB

Give more dogs a brighter future…

Many people who join the Canine Care Card scheme also decide to leave us a gift in their Will, as a way of saying thank you for securing the future of their canine companion. You can find out more in our Legacies section.

Download the whole Canine Care Card brochure for more information here:

Canine Care Card Brochure and Form 2019 PDF 899 KB