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This Christmas, will your company make a simple choice to save the next dog?

Dogs all over Ireland are in crisis and it is getting tougher and tougher to be there for every dog that needs us. This year, Dogs Trust Ireland has been contacted more than 3,500 times by people looking to surrender their dogs.

Every day, we are facing impossible choices. We are working tirelessly to be there for every dog, but we cannot do it without your help. 

This Christmas we need companies and businesses like yours to make the simple choice and donate to Dogs Trust Ireland today. Will you help save the next dog?

Here at Dogs Trust Ireland we don’t receive any government funding – we rely on the kindness of people, communities and corporates who love dogs, like you. We know you can help us save the next dog that needs us.

To donate simple click the link below or email our team – we would love to hear from you! Email Louise – [email protected] to learn more.

Your companies donation, can help save the next dog like Minnie

 None of us like to think of a dog being mistreated. Let alone being thrown out of a moving car. But that is exactly what happened to Minnie.

It’s a sign of how bad things have become for dogs in Ireland. 

Dogs like Minnie don’t know they are caught up in a crisis. They just wanted to give love and to be loved. Dogs are so loving and trusting. It breaks our hearts to think of them being abandoned in this way.

Donate this Christmas to save the next dog

Right now, we are facing the biggest crisis for dog welfare in Ireland.

“We are being contacted by dog pounds and other welfare organisations around the country, as well as members of the public, asking us to take dogs. Everyone involved in dog welfare is trying their very best to help as many dogs as possible but the sheer number of dogs who have nowhere to go is overwhelming.”
- Eimear Cassidy, Regional Rehoming Manager

In 2022, Dogs Trust supporters helped to save 931 dogs from an unthinkable end. A further 664 dogs got their second chance at a loving forever home.

You can help us meet the scale of this crisis. You can make a simple choice: This Christmas choose to donate to Dogs Trust Ireland, the impact your company will have is life saving!

We are determined to save as many dogs as we can: bringing them to a place of safety where they can get the loving care they need to flourish. But we can’t do that without you. It’s time to make a simple choice: will you donate this Christmas, and save the next dog?

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