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Corporate Christmas Campaign

The power of Christmas is simply magical but for victims of puppy farming it is a time of sadness and solitude.

In the last two years Dogs Trust Ireland has spent €61,085 on veterinary fees alone, treating 161 victims of puppy farming, the majority of whom came from two sources, who were each fined less than €2,000 each.

For puppy farmers every new pup born is just another commodity and every breeding mum, another piece of equipment. One that gets used again and again – Breed. Give Birth. Repeat.

Puppy farming is a life sentence, especially for the mum left behind. By buying that ‘cute’ puppy advertised online, you may be unwittingly fuelling the trade that sentences the parent dogs to a life of misery.

We are urging organisations and businesses of any scale to get involved this Christmas & bring awareness to the cruelty these innocent animals endure everyday of their lives.

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Our Corporate Team

For more information or to find out how your company can take the first steps in their CSR Christmas goals, drop an enquiry to our Corporate Partnership Manager, Ailbhe White on [email protected] or Louise Regazzoli, our Corporate Partnerships Officer on [email protected]