Dogs Trust

Training Classes

We cater for dogs of all ages!

We will start to teach your dog:

  • Why we use food as a reward
  • About how your dog learns new things
  • All about socialising your dog
  • To settle down and relax in new situations
  • To pay attention to you and respond to their name
  • Sit / lie down when asked
  • To start to learn how to walk nicely on the lead  
  • Come back to you when called (to start with from just a very short distance away)
  • To make sure your dog will be relaxed when left alone.
  • How to deal with some common puppy problems, such as mouthing or chewing.
  • To ‘read’ what your dog is telling you and recognise what they are trying to say
  • How to play nicely with you.
  • The importance of being consistent and predictable with your dog.
  • The importance of getting your dog used to all sorts of different situations
  • To set up environments so your dog easily learns the right response.
  • How to make sure your dog is not worried about people approaching stuff they value (like their food or toys).
  • To get used to more handling, including veterinary type examinations
  • How to teach your dog to do lots of different behaviours.
  • How to use things such as attention and play as rewards, rather than just treats.
  • About practicing behaviours in lots of different situations!
  • To teach your dog the house rules and ‘polite’ behaviours
  • To wait politely before going through a doorway
  • We recap the key messages that have been covered in the previous weeks
  • We talk about how these skills can be taken forward and developed to make sure your dog continues to learn as they get older.
  • We use some time in week 4 to check that you are not having any problems with your dog so we can give you some more guidance on this if needed.
  • How to use your attention as a reward
  • How to get your dog to greet people with four paws on the ground
  • The importance of keeping your dog’s mind busy