Teddy bear snow storm

Axel the lurcher outdoors at Kenilworth rehoming centre with his soft toy

Dogs are social, intelligent and active animals so it’s important to give them opportunities to exercise their bodies and minds.

Enrichment games, like teddy bear snow storm, are a great way to do this. Our coaches at Dog School recommend using these tactile creations to keep dogs content and occupied.

What you'll need to play teddy bear snowstorm

  • An old teddy bear or soft toy - you can often get used soft toys in charity shops, just make sure to remove loose buttons, eyes or noses before you give them to your dog

How to play

There's nothing to it! Give your dog the teddy bear and see what they do!

If you dog is an enthusiastic destuffer, you might want to keep this game confined to a single room, or even the garden, so the stuffing doesn't go all over your house. 

Make sure you clean up the fluff afterwards, so your dog doesn't decide to snack on it. 

Always give them a tasty treat or two when you're taking away bits of their toys, so they don't worry about this.

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