Cardboard box bonanza

A Bull Terrier digging in a cardboard box which was given as enrichment by the owners at home.

Dogs are social, intelligent and active animals so it’s important to give them opportunities to exercise their bodies and minds.

Enrichment games, like cardboard box bonanza, are a great way to do this – and the best part is, you can make it yourself with inexpensive items. 

Our coaches at Dog School recommend using these tactile creations to keep dogs content and occupied.

What you'll need to make cardboard box bonanza

  • Different sized cardboard boxes (remove any tape or staples)
  • Kibble or dog treats
  • Old wrapping or packing paper

How to do it

  1. Sprinkle treats inside the box and loosely close it over
  2. Add more treats to a bigger box and put the smaller box inside
  3. Add scrunched up paper if you have it

Your dog might need some help figuring out the boxes. For dogs who love this game the sky is the limit, You can add egg cartons, paper bags, more boxes - anything to build more fun!

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