Plastic bottle prizes

West Highland White Terrier, outside, on grass, in enclosed area.

Dogs are social, intelligent and active animals so it’s important to give them opportunities to exercise their bodies and minds.

Enrichment games, like plastic bottle prizes, are a great way to do this – and the best part is, you can make it yourself with inexpensive items. 

What you'll need for plastic bottle prizes

Gather together:

  • clean, dry plastic bottles or cardboard juice cartons with the lids removed - you can add extra holes in the side for more access
  • Kibble or dog treats

How to do it

  1. Fill the bottle or carton with enough treats to make a rattling sound 
  2. Let your dog work out how to get the treats out 
  3. If your dog gets good at this, you can increase the difficulty with smaller holes and more intricate construction 

Be sure to supervise careful so your dog doesn't give up and eat the bottle!

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