Cost of dog ownership

Dog sat looking at camera wearing a yellow Dogs Trust collar

We are often asked what the cost of owning a dog entails.

Below we have listed out some of the average costs for a healthy dog, but the exact costs depend on the size, and in the case of neutering, the sex and size of your dog. So, you can expect to spend approximately €1,600 a year on your dog, but you may also need to include the cost of boarding kennels onto that and grooming fees if your dog has a coat that needs to be professionally groomed.

If you work full-time and have no one to take care of your dog during the day, you may want to consider using a doggie day care or dog walking service.  These could cost anywhere between €10-€35 per day so are worth factoring into your budget if you expect to you’ll have to use them!

  • Spay/Neuter: €350
  • Vaccinations: €100-150 per year
  • Worm/Flea Treatments: €180 per year
  • Pet Insurance: €300 per year
  • Dog Licence: €20 per year
  • Dog Food: €600 per year
  • Dog Bed: €40
  • Dog Crate: €50
  • Lead: €20
  • Collar/Harness: €30
  • Shampoo/Brush: €20 per year
  • Food & Water Bowls: €30
  • Toys: €100 per year
  • Chews: €100 per year
  • Poo Bags: €60 per year
  • Pee Pads: €40
  • Training: €60 per year
  • Boarding Kennels: €300
  • Grooming: €300
  • Dog Walker/Doggie Day Care: €10-35 per day as needed

We hope this is of some help to you when considering taking on a dog.

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