What your donations do

Thanks to our supporters, we can make the world a better place for dogs. Discover the impact your donations have.

Rex the terrier, outside, in the sand, enjoying some water

We’re endlessly grateful for every cent donated by our generous supporters. Your donations make a real difference to the dogs in our care and help us achieve our goal of making the world a better place for dogs everywhere.  

Here’s just a snapshot of the impact your donations have.  

How you help us revolutionise rehoming

Making sure that every dog in our care finds a loving new home as quickly as possible is one of our biggest priorities.

We love and care for every dog until they find their forever family.  

Your donations help us ensure that our centre and boarding kennels are state-of-the-art, with tip-top facilities. From maternity wings to training barns and paddocks, our dogs deserve the very best.

Your donations help cover the costs of keeping our rehoming centre ticking along nicely.  

They keep the centre and kennels nice and clean, with cosy beds and comfortable kennels for each dog. They also help pay for our incredible staff members, from canine carers to training and behaviour experts.  

How you help us be there for dog owners, every step of the way

Thanks to your donations, we’re able to provide incredible support to dog owners throughout their journey of ownership in a variety of ways.

Your support makes our life-changing and lifesaving programmes, like the subsidised neutering and microchipping schemes, possible.

Our advice, videos, training tips are there to help owners find the answers they might need to some of the issues they’re facing.  

Our virtual Dog School training classes help provide every dog and their owner with a solid foundation of skills from which to develop.  

How you help us educate future generations of dog owners  

Your support has enabled us to deliver vital educational programmes to children and young people all across Ireland.

We help them understand responsible dog ownership and safe behaviour around dogs and help to make them feel more confident around dogs.

These programmes are vital in helping us influence and motivate changes in human behaviour so that we see an improvement in overall dog welfare.

How you help us expand our international impact  

Your donations help us make the world a better place for dogs by creating lasting improvements in welfare, as well as changing attitudes and behaviours towards dogs.

Over the years, we’ve established a global Dogs Trust community. Through our sister charities Dogs Trust Worldwide, Dogs Trust Bosnia, Dogs Trust USA, Dogs Trust UK and partnerships with local organisations around the world, we’re making positive and sustainable changes.

Your donations help us to achieve all of this, and so much more. From all the dogs in our care – thank you.

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It’s thanks to donations from generous people like you that we’re able to be there for dogs, and their owners, when they need us most.