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Face to Face Fundraising

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Dogs Trust hires dedicated fundraisers to spread the word of the work we do and to help us raise much needed funds to enable us to continue our lifesaving work. You may have noticed our fundraising team calling door to door or on the streetsoffering members of the public the opportunity to learn more about our Charity and how to become a Dogs Trust Dog Sponsor.

Why should I sign up with a door-to-door or private site fundraiser?

Face to Face fundraising is crucial to Dogs Trust. It enables us to meet valued supporters who are committed to giving each month. Regular and reliable support allows us to plan for the future and helps us work towards our goal of a day where all dogs can live a happy life free from the threat of unnecessary destruction.

Our fundraisers do not collect cash. If you wish to make a cash or one off donation please visit our donation page. Dogs Trust receives no Government funding and we are entirely reliant on the generosity of the general public to carry out the lifesaving work we do.

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How does it work?

Dogs Trust enlists the help of a third party fundraising agency to help us with our fundraising. The fundraisers are a professional and experienced team who are trained up to learn about the Dogs Trust brand, ethos and values. They are also trained to be respectful and polite to everyone they meet as they are a direct representation of our charity.

Dogs Trust and our third party agencies fully adhere to all fundraising principles and practices as directed by the Charities Regulatory Authority and Charities Institute Ireland including the Governance Code for Face to Face Fundraising . All parties are required keep up to date with all relevant directions from these bodies in relation to the practice of Face to Face Fundraising.

How we spend your generous donations?

Dogs Trust costs €6 million to run each year, including €1million on Neutering and Microchipping Campaigns. We report publicly and in detail, on every euro we receive, through private donations. These are available in our Accounts & Reports on our website for anyone who wishes to view them.


We welcome all feedback, both good and bad from the public and ensure that we use it to improve our face to face fundraising going forward.

If you have any feedback regarding our fundraisers, please email us at [email protected] or write to us at
Fundraising Department
Dogs Trust
Ashbourne Road
Dublin 11

Alternatively, you can call us on 01 879 1000 (option 2) to speak to a member of the Dogs Trust team.

Please ensure that you provide as many details as possible (location, description, date, time of day) as we need specific details to fully investigate complaints or feedback.

All Dogs Trust fundraisers are easily identifiable and carry photo ID and wear Dogs Trust branded jackets and lanyards.

If you received a call from: 01 697 1413, please see more information here.