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Hollywood Star and Irish Actor Patrick Bergin launches Dogs Trust Legacy Garden where bereaved dog owners can honour their four-legged friend with a commemorative dog tag

Star of ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’ and more recently ‘Eastenders’, Irish actor Patrick Bergin has today launched our “Adrian Burder Memorial Garden”, a special place where grieving dog owners can visit, reflect and remember their faithful friend when they have passed away.

Within this Legacy Garden, there is a first of its kind remembrance dog sculpture, where engraved memorial dog tags will hang forever. These memorial tags can be purchased and personalised with a dog’s name and a date which holds significance to their owner. We will place the tag on the sculpture and a commemorative certificate will be sent as a special keepsake to remember your cherished pet in a meaningful way.


Mr. Bergin took a moment of solace in the garden and placed a memorial tag to remember his beloved four-legged friend, Shiloh, after having experienced the grief and pain of losing him in October last year.

Speaking at the launch of the Legacy Garden, Patrick Bergin comments: Dog lovers will understand the unique bond that humans and dogs have and the pain you feel when your four-legged friend passes. I have spent most of my working life traveling from place to place, so I was never able to commit to taking on a dog of my own, but I have always been a dog person. Shiloh was my partner, Helen’s, dog and we grew very close over the years. He held a very special place in my heart, and we were absolutely devastated when he passed away. To have a quiet place to sit and reflect, surrounded with people who understand your loss is unique and by knowing that Shiloh’s tag will hang on this sculpture forever brings a sense of comfort to a painful memory.”


In a time of sadness, your dog’s memory can create a brighter future for thousands of dogs who have not yet found their Forever Home. In your dog’s honour, the commemorative tags will help more dogs to get all the love and care they need until they find their forever family who will cherish them just as much as you did with your best friend.

Suzie Carley, Dogs Trust Executive Director said: “As a dog lover and owner, I know first-hand the special bond a dog brings to your family and also the utter devastation and void when your faithful friend passes away. We wanted to create something really special for bereaved dog owners so they will always have a place to go and a token to honour the legacy of their faithful friend. Knowing the lasting legacy that your dog has made on our Rehoming Centre by helping more dogs get the care they need is something quite remarkable. If you know a dog lover who has experienced a loss, you can help them honour their dog too by engraving a special tag on their behalf and we will send them a Certificate to let them know you are thinking of them. We hope this garden will bring peace and solace to all those who have loved and lost their four-legged companion.”

Commemorative tags and details on how to arrange a visit to the Legacy garden can be found online: