Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust takes workplace mindfulness to a whole new level of happy with “Puppy Yoga”!

To mark World Mental Health Day today we combined workplace mindfulness with important puppy socialisation by offering employees a complimentary “Puppy Yoga” class from Umbrella Wellness, a workplace wellness provider. The class took place at our Rehoming Centre in Finglas with eight week old Jack Russell Terrier puppies who were found abandoned and then taken in and hand reared by our team.

Through our Dog Friendly Ireland initiative, we actively campaigns for dogs to be included more into our daily lives, whether it be the workplace, accommodation or public transport, and advocate that dogs can have an extremely positive impact on our mental and physical health. Research studies have shown that having pets at work encourages higher performance, productivity, engagement, retention and wellbeing. Pets also inspire us and lower stress. In addition, people with dogs are less likely to suffer from depression* and pets help lower our blood pressure and cholesterol levels**.

Laura Farrington co-founder of Umbrella Wellness says:

“We are huge dog lovers at Umbrella Wellness so we were delighted to offer a specially tailored complimentary Yoga class to Dogs Trust staff as part of their employee mindfulness programme. And when we heard that we could introduce some of their puppies into the first part of class we absolutely jumped at the opportunity. Research suggests that dogs increase our general wellbeing, and that’s what our company is all about – bringing happiness and mindfulness to organisations to help improve their employees’ health and wellbeing, enabling them to create a positive work/life balance.”

Becky Bristow, Executive Director at Dogs Trust Ireland says:

“At Dogs Trust, we do not underestimate the importance of mindfulness in the workplace, so have introduced yoga to support our team. Caring for dogs is extremely rewarding but can also be mentally and physically challenging, especially when dealing with cases of cruelty, and also in cases where staff become attached to certain dogs that are with us longer than we would hope and are struggling to find a home. Healthy staff who feel valued by their employer, improves the overall functionality and efficiency in the organisation. This ultimately enables us to save even more dog’ lives. We want to ensure that we look after our team as well as the dogs in our care. Puppy Yoga is also a great way to socialise our puppies as we get them used to a variety of different sights, sounds and smells, which is critical to their development in the first few months of their lives.”