Seven-week-old Sean was found wandering the streets during lockdown – shaking with fear. Was he a puppy bought on a whim and, now, unwanted? Since then, many other dogs have followed, and our Rehoming Centre is filling up again fast.

The generosity of our supporters has helped us rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs throughout the coronavirus crisis. But like many charities, we’re extremely stretched. Many of the fundraising activities we count on have been cancelled for the foreseeable future.

Your support is so important. The next few weeks could be the most challenging of all. Our Rehoming Centre is already filling up with lost or abandoned dogs. They have no one else but you. But our work is just beginning. Sean is the first of many. Will you be there for the dogs that still need you?

Like many, we had to close our facility. But our work didn’t stop! We adapted our processes and continued finding dogs homes they deserved. 268 dogs found their Forever Homes during lockdown, freeing up space to save more dogs in need. More than 211 dogs were fostered compared to 65 for the same period last year. This extra support helped to free up our resources so that we could safely continue caring for the dogs still in the Rehoming Centre.

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How you can help care for dogs arrive now

As life in Ireland starts to return to normal, our Rehoming Centre is filling up fast.
In the middle of lockdown, three pregnant mums arrived. They safely delivered 14 puppies who needed round-the-clock support, as well as food, vaccinations and veterinary care.

As numbers rise, we face huge challenges. Coronavirus means that our resources are under pressure like never before. Yet we expect to get busier and busier in the weeks to come.

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What will happen to dogs in the coming weeks? These are difficult times for so many people across Ireland. As a result we’re already seeing more dogs being abandoned or surrendered. Families who could care for a dog during lockdown are no longer able to. With hard times ahead, we expect more and more dogs to arrive.

Please send a gift today and help care for lost, unwanted and abandoned dogs arriving at Dogs Trust, frightened and confused.

Thank you for your incredible generosity and kindness.

health icon  €20 can help buy special milk to feed puppies who have been orphaned.

blanket icon   €50 can help treat an injured dog or pup who needs emergency veterinary care.

skin icon   €250 can help towards cost of neutering, microchipping and vaccinating an abandoned dog to prepare them for their Forever Home.