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The Lives
Of Unwanted Dogs
are at Risk
Every Day

My name is Ian, I’m the Dog Ambulance Driver at Dogs Trust. My job is to travel throughout the country to rescue as many unwanted and abandoned dogs as I can and bring them back to Dogs Trust. It’s a privilege for me that every day I’m able to get up and do what I love more than anything in the world – saving the lives of abandoned dogs. 

When I arrive at a pound, I work with their staff, bringing out the dogs one by one so they get our undivided care and attention. I can see how badly these dogs want to be cuddled, but they’re often terrified to come near me, a total stranger to them. I spend a lot time with each dog gaining their trust so I can lift them on to the ambulance without them feeling frightened. I know that once a dog is in the ambulance they’re safe. They will be loved and care for, for the rest of their lives.

But I don’t do this alone. Dog lovers like you are there with me on every single rescue. Each and every person that supports the life saving work of Dogs Trust make what I do possible.

Please, will you make a generous gift today and help me save the life of another abandoned dog?

Some of the many dogs rescued I have rescued from pounds


I’ve visited many dog pounds and I can tell you that they have an incredibly tough job. The dog pounds do the best they can, but they simply don’t have the resources to cope with the huge number of abandoned and stray dogs in Ireland.

And sadly for these dogs, once they enter the pound they only have five days for their owner to reclaim them. After five days, the dogs are at risk of being put to sleep. It’s a devastating situation that the pounds are faced with. That’s where Dogs Trust come in. And with your help, we do as much as we can to save as many dogs as we can. With the help of wonderful supporters like you, Dogs Trust have helped reduced the number of dogs being unnecessarily destroyed in Ireland from 48 dogs per day in 2005 to less than 5 dogs per day in 2015*.

The dogs I bring back to Dogs Trust need so much care. There are 180 dogs in our Rehoming centre at any given time, imagine all the dog food, veterinary care, beds, blankets, toys and cuddles that they need!

First comes the rescue, then the care. You can help Dogs Trust do both! Please will you make a life saving gift today?

(*Dept. of Environment statistic)

The moment a dog is rescued by Dogs Trust, is the moment their life changes forever.
Thank you for saving so many dogs.


Help us give thousands of abandoned dogs the care and love they deserve