Dogs Trust

Puppy Love

Event time: 15 February

Setters are Red,

Kerrys are Blue,

Puppy Love is imminent,

Will we see you?

That’s right, our annual Valentines themed education event will be held in the Dogs Trust rehoming centre on Saturday, February 15th.

Valentine’s day is all about declarations of love, devoted relationships, and bonds to last a lifetime; basically, exactly what owning a dog is all about, so our unique event celebrates and educates about responsible dog ownership, but with a lovebug twist.

Attendees to this romantic party will be offered a behind-the-scenes tour of our amazing rehoming facility where they will see where thousands of dogs began their journey to finding their perfect match. After learning about how we matchmake owners with dogs, we will then have an arts and crafts session, where the children can make their own fabric puppy, complete with adoption certificate.

But the real treat behind Puppy Love is the drama, the play…the epic love story that we will be performed for you; “Shakespaw in Love”. This is the dramatic tale of Shakespaw the puppy, who was abandoned, and taken in by Dogs Trust, where he hopes he would find his forever home.

There is one little problem with our play however. You see, being a charity, we can’t afford to pay professional actors for the roles. We have the costumes, we have the script, but we don’t have a cast. That is why, on the day itself, we will be selecting a few volunteers from our attendees that will play each character.

While the cast do a short rehearsal, the rest of the attendees will make Valentine’s day cards for the dogs in our care, and will then sit back and enjoy our performance.

Phew. What an exciting day, eh?

Tickets for Puppy Love cost €5, or a family ticket will cost you €18

Location: Dogs Trust Dublin

Time: 12:30-3pm

Eventbrite - Tea and Tales 2017