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Navy's Happy Adoption Update

In May of 2016, a stunning three-year-old white Akita by the name of Navy arrived into our Rehoming Centre. We knew little of Navy's past and what had happened in his early days, but it was clear life had not been kind to him. He found it difficult to trust people and the world seemed a scary place to this gentle giant.

Thankfully, Navy had found his way into our care and we hoped we could bring him out of his shell. Navy's Canine Carer Andy was able to see past his worried exterior, and the two soon built a very special bond. Andy worked hard with Navy and through positive reward-based training he taught Navy the basics like 'sit', how to walk on a lead, and that being touched by a human wasn’t something to fear! Slowly but surely, Navy learned he was safe and began to let his guard down. He slowly started to make new friends among the other Canine Carers and finally, they all got to see his very goofy personality that Andy spoke so fondly of.

Niamh, another of Navy's beloved Canine Carer's, said: "Once Navy began to feel more comfortable around people, it wasn’t long before he was one of the top dogs here at Dogs Trust. He was named Funniest Dog in the centre and would make us all cry with laughter with his silly antics every time he was taken out for a walk. He would, prance about like a horse, bounce his front paws off any new toy, do CRAZY zoomies and roll back his head! He would also try to giddily fit into little places way too small for him, and pick out toys from the donation bins, at his own very leisurely pace – he especially liked anything small and squeaky, which was extra funny as he is so big. If you were ever feeling a little down, Navy was the dog that would be guaranteed to lift your mood. His love for treats knew no bounds and when they were being handed out, he let you know he wanted his immediately by making a big racket in his kennel until his treat was delivered. He may also have opened his kennel door once or twice in his impatient quest for a speedier treat delivery service!”

Navy's progress continued in leaps and bounds until he was almost unrecognisable from the scared dog with the sore nose who walked through our door months earlier. It got us wondering, why hadn't Navy found his Forever Home yet? Sure, it took him a little time to get to know people, but it was so worth the wait. A hilarious, goofy, clever and loving dog like him shouldn't still be looking for a home. After spending almost four years in our care, we knew that someday soon his perfect match would come looking for him.

In February of this year, the day we'd all hoped for finally arrived. Sinead and Robbie came to the Rehoming Centre wanting to meet our sweet boy, Navy. They understood that it would be a slow and gentle process getting to know him, and they were more than happy to go at Navy's pace. As time went on and with lots of regular meetings and home visits, an amazing bond blossomed. Sinead and Robbie were so patient, and they wanted to do whatever it took to make it work. Navy knew he could totally trust his new friends and he just loved spending time with them. It was a wonderful thing to witness.

Before long, we knew Navy was ready for his first sleepover in Robbie and Sinead's home. He'd had plenty of visits there and considering how little we knew about his past or whether he had ever been in a home, he was doing amazingly. Navy was dropped out to their house by his Canine Carer and was due to be collected the next day. It went fantastically well, and everyone was thrilled for Navy, Sinead and Robbie.

BUT….. Right before Navy was due to be collected and come back to Dogs Trust to prepare him for his adoption, the announcement was made that we were to go into lockdown. We couldn't believe it - it was as if Navy was never meant to come back to the Rehoming Centre! This beautiful boy who had been so unlucky in love up until now had finally found his Forever Home just before the country closed.

Since that day, his new 'paw'rents have worked tirelessly with Navy to make sure he's happy and comfortable in his newfound home. Their commitment, determination and loving bond with Navy has transformed his life, and he is now a very happy, spoiled, and much-loved part of the family.

They go on long walks, sunbathe in the park and the garden and lounge on the couch. For Navy's birthday, they threw him his very own party which included new toys, birthday banners and they even baked him doggy cupcakes! He's finally living the sweet life he deserves, and it wouldn't have been possible without the patience, love and care Sinead and Robbie extended to him.

All of Navy's friends in Dogs Trust are over the moon for him. We've shed tears of joy and have been reminded of why we do, what we do. We adore the dogs in our care and search every day for a loving home with an amazing family, for every single one of them. There truly is a someone for everyone, just like Navy was meant for Sinead and Robbie.

It's only because of our amazing supporters that we can look after dogs like Navy and spend the time they need getting them ready to find their perfect home. A massive thank you to Sinead and Robbie and to you….without your support, we couldn’t help dogs like Navy.