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Good news about Mara, Matilda and Mavis

We’re just over one month into the New Year and it has been as busy as ever at Dogs Trust. Thanks to your support, so far this year, over 60 dogs have found their Forever Homes. Thank you so much to our supporters for being there for each one of them. We’re continuing to rescue dogs in desperate need of care across Ireland and we’re bracing ourselves for increasing numbers over the coming months.

And just like all the dogs helped before, they’ll get a second chance to find health, happiness and a Forever Home.  Matilda and Mavis are just 3 recent dogs who have found their Forever Home.

Matilda needed emergency care and surgery to heal multiple pelvic fractures and inflamed skin. Thanks to you, Matilda was nursed back to full health and found her Forever Home. She’s now thriving with her new family: “She’s come on so much in 3 months. She’s no longer a scaredy-cat, her coat is all grown back thick and shiny, she’s fattened up, getting stronger and has discovered the use of her back legs again! She’s a big fan of the dog park, the beach, playing fetch, long walks and full-on cuddles!” See her before and after below 😊

Mavis also needed specialised veterinary care when she came to us with infected wounds on her back. She was looking for a calm retirement home with people who could help her overcome her past traumas. Thankfully, she found them and now loves nothing better than cuddles on the couch with her new family. They’re delighted to see her personality coming out more and more each day.
Worried Mavis before vs happy relaxed Mavis now😊

Mara is another recent arrival you have helped. When this lovely girl came into our care last month, her fur was heavily matted and causing skin irritation. Her joints were also causing her a lot of pain. Thanks to your incredible support, Mara got the best veterinary care to heal and soothe her skin and joints. She is now about to start her new life as a family dog in her Forever Home.

We hope these good news stories have brightened your day. Thank you as always to our amazing supporters for helping us be there for dogs like Matilda, Mavis and Mara.