Dogs Trust

Ted from Dublin

Woof Woof Dog Trust, Some of you may know me as reggae but my human mum changed my name to Ted as she is more a rock chick & because she says I look like a Teddy Bear / Ewok lol Anyways just an update on how I have been getting on…..I’m so happy with my forever home & I love my humans so so much. We have lots of fun & cuddles together. We start the day by me waking my humans; I give them lots of kisses & a good clean however the male human Alan has this thing on his face that just won’t clean off?! I think Maria said it’s called a beard, whatever that is. Then I’m taken out for my morning loo break & afterwards we chill out together in bed for a bit before I get my breakfast drooool. Afterwards it’s play time with my favourite toy, piggy followed by a nap. When I wake up I am so excited for my morning walk at the park as I love smelling & exploring; grass sweet sweet grass mmm sorry I was saying…. When we get home I have my lunch drooool & then later that day I get my evening walk which is my favourite as it’s when I meet most of my friends Chewy (my best friend), Olly , Pepsi or Quaver (who was my neighbor in Dog Trust). I have made so many furry & human friends. When it’s time for bed I love sleeping in my comfy bed with my very own teddy bear or my toy rat (the first toy my mum bought me). Some of my favourite things to do are: lie on my mum’s/dad’s lap playing with my toys, playing hide & go seek, playing the sniff sniff game (where I find hidden treats), a good chase & playing football against my humans. Since leaving dog trust I’ve learned how to sit, lie down, stand up & I think I am getting the hang of walking on a lead. It’s great every time I do something right I get treats! My favorites are peanut butter, sweet potato treat, natural yogurt, boiled chicken, & more. All in all life is good Paw Paw for now. – Ted