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Although, our Rehoming Centre is temporarily closed to the public, our dogs are still in need of loving homes. For more information about our rehoming process, please click here.



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About Grover

Leinster Regional Rehoming Project
Collie Cross (Border)
2 to 5 Years

About me

Grover is a nervous fella but comes around after a bit of time if you are patient and understanding. He likes a headrub but gets a bit overwhelmed if handled anywhere else. Heloves going for walks and is very active and curious when out and about.

Type of home needed

Grover needs a home with a private garden and with children over the age of 16 as younger children worry him. he will need a family who will take their time and realise that it will be s short while before he feels comfortable in their company.

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How rehoming works

Please note that this dog is part of our Regional Rehoming Project. This dog is not in our Rehoming Centre in Dublin and is in the care of a wonderful foster family. Our hope is to rehome this dog close to where they are being fostered. To start the rehoming process please call our Rehoming Team via 01-8791000 and they will be able to send you a rehoming questionnaire to start the adoption process.