Electric Shock Collars: Electric Shock Collars

Dogs Trust believes the use of electric shock devices is both irresponsible and ineffective. Every dog should be trained using kind, fair and reward-based methods. Under no circumstance do we condone the use of equipment or techniques that use punishment, pain or fear to train a dog.

If a dog is barking excessively the first port of call should always be the vet so any medical issues can be ruled out. A dog could also be barking because he is frustrated, guarding, bored or scared, so to successfully tackle the issue it is important to understand why the barking is happening in the first place. We would recommend an owner visit a canine training and behaviour advisor to discuss the problem, and you can read advice and download factsheets from our Barking section.

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  • It is a myth that dogs are colour-blind - they can see in colour, just not as vividly as humans!

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